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Get your question answered by a real person with the click of a button with FounderNow. 

Matching function

Got a question? Get it answered by a real person.

Our easy-to-use search function allows you to type any topic you want to chat about. Once you submit your question, our matching algorithms will work hard to find you the right person to speak to. Once a request is accepted, you’ll be instantly chatting over the phone. 

Smart Notification Feature

Easily accept calls and answer questions.

Put your knowledge to work by supporting others who have questions related to your experience. Our community is driven by the knowledge our users have to offer. 

Knowledge Tracker

Save your answers & build your network.

Never forget a conversation with our knowledge tracking tool. Easily save notes you take on important conversations you have and keep track of the knowledgeable founders you speak with. 

Personalized questions

Freedom to search in plain language, no need to think of what will produce the best results.

Secure connection

Connect with verified users in an encrypted chat through one of the worlds largest video calling platforms.

Anytime, anywhere

Ask and answer questions whenever you need. Day or night, evening or weekend, there's never a bad time to use FounderNow.

Put your knowledge to work

Use your unique experiences and knowledge to empower others in need.

Save your favourite conversations

Never forget the answers to your questions with our easy save button, you can build your library of knowledge right on the app.

Easy fit into your day

Founders are busy and not always available to chat. If you aren't available, easily pause notifications and return when you'd like.

Startup Community

A caring community of knowledge seekers and givers, helping to unlock the power of knowledge.

Our community is strengthened with each new member that joins. FounderNow allows each of us to contribute based on our own unique skills and experiences while benefiting from the knowledge of others in the community. 

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